Peter Billam


tea - Perl script to give command-line access to


  tea -c filename   # enCrypts filename
  tea filename      # decrypts filename
  tea -s filename   # calculates ascii digital Signature for filename
  tea -j            # outputs Javascript code to do compatible encryption
  tea -o            # set Old mode, for Crypt::Tea-compatibility
  tea -h            # prints this Helpful message
  ps axww | tea -s  # have the best password in town !

For encryption and decryption, you will be asked for a password. It should be a sufficiently longish string; say 17 random 8-bit bytes.


This script uses the module to offer new TEA, the Tiny Encryption Algorithm, and some Modes of Use based on CBC, compatibly in both Perl and JavaScript.

The various options offer encryption, decryption and digest, and all cyphertext is ascii-encoded to prevent munging. Another option returns JavaScript code which offers identical functions in JS, and this can be used by CGIs to feed to the browser.


Peter J Billam ( )


Based on Crypt::Tea_JS (and, in Old-mode, Crypt::Tea)

SEE ALSO , Crypt::Tea_JS , Crypt::Tea , , perl(1).