DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial::Conclusion - Final thoughts


A quick recap and thoughts about where to go next.


Nice to see you get this far! I hope you now have the basic understanding needed to be able to integrate migrations into your DBIC workflow, testing and web development. The next bit is up to you. Use the tools, think about where the gaps are, and give me some feedback. Hopefully over time this tutorial can become better and we can also start to create some basic recipes for good approaches to common problems. Thanks!


You might find looking at DBIx::Class::Migration::FAQ useful in debugging some of the more common error messages that I've seen while preparing this tutorial.

Also, at this point reviewing the API level documentation for DBIx::Class::Migration and DBIx::Class::Migration::Script useful. For more on some of the testing stuff we covered see DBIx::Class::Migration::Population and Test::DBIx::Class.

Lastly, its definitely a good idea to review the documention for both DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler and DBIx::Class::Fixtures if you have not already. Looking at SQL::Translator may not be a bad idea either.


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