Terrence Brannon


DBIx::Cookbook::README -- structure of the lib/DBIx/Cookbook directory


In the lib/DBIx/Cookbook, there are several types of files/directories:

Command classes

These classes leverage MooseX::App::Cmd and serve as the command class for the scripts in $DISTRO/scripts to run actual commands. Let's make that concrete.

The file dbic_cmd script invokes lib/DBIx/Cookbook/DBIC.pm which then invokes one of the "scripts" in lib/DBIx/Cookbook/*.pm to run a particular command.

A similar execution flow exists for Rose::DB::Object through rdbo_cmd, lib/DBIx/Cookbook/RDBO.pm and lib/DBIx/Cookbook/RDBO/*.pm as well as skinny_cmd, lib/DBIx/Cookbook/Skinny.pm and lib/DBIx/Cookbook/Skinny/*.pm

Database connectivity files

lib/DBIx/Cookbook/DBH.(tt|pm) are files which hold database connection info. When make sakila is run during package installation, the .tt file is turned into the .pm file via the install sakila script

Recipe directories

RecipeTT and Recipe are the directories for templates and generated pod for the recipes.

That's all folks

So now you know about all the files in the lib/DBIx/Cookbook directory