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DBIx::DBO2::Docs::ReadMe - Getting Started with DBIx::DBO2


  package MyRecord;
  use DBIx::DBO2::Record '-isasubclass';
  my $sql_engine = DBIx::SQLEngine->new( $dsn, $user, $pass );
    DBIx::DBO2::Table->new(name=>'myrecords', datasource=>$sql_engine)
  package main;
  my $results = MyRecord->fetch_all;
  foreach my $record ( $results->records ) {
    if ( $record->{age} > 20 ) {
      $record->{status} = 'adult';


DBIx::DBO2 is an object-relational mapping framework that facilitates the development of Perl classes whose objects are stored in a SQL database table.


You should be able to install this module using the CPAN shell interface:

  perl -MCPAN -e 'install DBIx::DBO2'

If this module has not yet been posted to your local CPAN mirror, you may also retrieve the current distribution from the below address and follow the normal "gunzip", "tar xf", "cd", "perl Makefile.PL && make test && sudo make install" procedure or your local equivalent:

Getting Started

You may want to take a look at the and test-lib/ classes included with this distribution for a short example of how to use this framework to create your own classes.


Requires DBIx::SQLEngine and Class::MakeMethods, both available on CPAN.

Tested Platforms

This release has been tested succesfully on the following platforms:

  5.6.1 on darwin
  5.005_03 on i386-freebsd


This is version 0.006 of DBIx::DBO2.

Distribution Summary

This module's summary in the CPAN DSLIP is intended to read:

  Name            DSLIP  Description
  --------------  -----  ---------------------------------------------
  ::DBO2          bdpOp  Objects mapping to SQL relational structures

Beta Release

Although it based on earlier code that was extensively tested over several years of production use, this code has recently been majorly refactored, and has not yet been sufficiently tested in its new form.

Discussion and Support

There is not currently any offical discussion and support forum for this pacakage.

Further information and support for this module is available at

If you have questions or feedback about this module, please feel free to contact the author at the below address.

I would be particularly interested in any suggestions towards improving the documentation, correcting any Perl-version or platform dependencies, as well as general feedback and suggestions.


See DBIx::DBO2::Record, DBIx::DBO2::Fields, DBIx::DBO2::Table, and DBIx::DBO2::TableSet for key interfaces within this framework.

See DBIx::SQLEngine for information about the underlying database interface.

See DBIx::DBO2::Comparison for a a review of where this framework fits into the spectrum of numerous other modules on CPAN that provide alternative systems to map objects to and from SQL databases, including Class::DBI, Alzabo, and Tangram.



Developed by Matthew Simon Cavalletto at Evolution Softworks.

You may contact the author directly at or More free Perl software is available at


Many thanks to the kind people who have contributed code and other feedback:

  Eric Schneider, Evolution Online Systems
  E. J. Evans, Evolution Online Systems
  Matthew Sheahan, Evolution Online Systems
  Eduardo Iturrate, Evolution Online Systems

Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 Matthew Cavalletto.

Portions copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Evolution Online Systems, Inc.


You may use, modify, and distribute this software under the same terms as Perl.