uuid-ncname - Command-line converter for UUIDs <-> NCNames


    uuid-ncname [-r|-n|-v VERSION|-i FILE ...] [uuid-or-ncname, ...]

    uuid-ncname < file


Default behaviour: Convert the UUIDs, or Base32 NCNames passed in as arguments or via pipe, into Base64, one per line of output. Any Base64 NCNames pass through unchanged. If no arguments are passed and no input is piped in, generate a single new NCName, based on a V4 UUID.

-r --reverse

Explicitly convert input from UUID-NCName identifiers, back into an ordinary UUID. (Default is to detect the form of the input.)

-n --nocase --nc --32

Generate Base32 UUID-NCNames, rather than Base64.

-i --input FILE

Take input from the specified file. Can be passed in several times.

-v --version 0|1

Specify identifier version. See Data::UUID::NCName for details. Defaults to 1.


Do not align the last few bits to the Base(32, 64) encoding symbols. You probably don't want this unless you need to handle mangled input.

-h --help

Print this message.