psize - report memory usage for Perl structures


        psize 'Structure as perl code' ['options as string in hash form']

        psize '[1, 2, { a => "foo" }'

        psize 'Math::BigInt->new(123)' 't => "Total"'

Valid options are:

Boolean options:

        Short name      Long name       Description
        a               addr            print addresses
        c               class           print class names
        d               doubles         extensive cycle detection
                                        (memory intensive)
        t               total           print a total
        o               overhead        print overhead
        h               head            print a header
        s               summary         print a summary
        te              terse           generate terse report

String options:

        i               indent          string to indent with           
        l               left            very first indent string
        b               bytes           The string for sizes,
                                        defaults to "bytes"