Mattia Barbon


Devel::ebug::Plugin::FoldedStackTrace - programmer-friendly stack traces


  my @folded_frames = $ebug->folded_stack_trace;
  foreach my $frame ( @folded_frames ) {
      # use all Devel::StackTraceFrame accessor, plus
      # caller_package caller_subroutine caller_filename caller_line
      # current_package current_subroutine current_filename current_line
  # main's current_subroutine is 'MAIN::'
  print $folded_frame[-1]->current_subroutine;


Each Devel::StackTraceFrame object in a stack trace includes some information about the caller and some information about the current frame, and remembering which information lies where is hard. Plus, some information about the topmost (main or similar) stack frame is missing.

This plugin provides an easier-to use Devel::StackTraceFrame subclass.