Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu - allows use of a T68i as a remote control


 my $remote = Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu->new;
 $remote->menu( [ 'Remote' => [ pause  => sub { ... },
                                Volume => [ up   => sub { ... },
                                            down => sub { ... },
                ] );

 # on Win32, Win32::SerialPort should be equivalent
 my $port = Device::SerialPort->new('/dev/rfcomm0')
    or die "couldn't connect to T68i";
 $remote->port( $port );


 while (1) {


This module has external dependencies on the following modules:



 perl Build.PL
 perl Build test

and if all goes well

 perl Build install


What changed over the last 3 revisions

0.8 Monday 8th March, 2004
        Applied the following patch by Arne Georg Gleditsch:
                Added examples/x11pointer
                Added xmms playlist clear/add directory to examples/remote 
                Reworking of the timeout code to allow for better co-operation
                with foreign event loops.
                Setting of the default charset
        Thanks Arne!
0.7 Monday 22nd September, 2003
        Fixed a packageing mistake - we weren't shipping 
        lib/Device/Ericsson/AccessoryMenu/ due to a glitch in
0.6 Wednesday 25th June, 2003
        Rewrote everything to be stateful.  We now have a stack of
        states.  You can enter a new state, or exit and query the
        current state. The current state's handle method will be
        invoked for each line received by ->control

        It is expected that states will be based on, or at least
        implement the interface of Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu::State, 
        and that they will be named Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu::$state.

        INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE moved send_menu over to Menu->on_enter

        reimplemented send_text as a thin shim around enter_state( 'Text' )

        implemented mouse_move as a similar shim

        worked over examples/remote to be much more functional


Richard Clamp <>

Based on the source of bluexmms by Tom Gilbert.


Copyright (C) 2003, Richard Clamp. All Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


bluexmms, Romeo, Device::SerialPort