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File::AddInc - FindBin(+ use lib) alike for *.pm modulino (instead of *.pl)


In file MyApp/Deep/Runnable/Module.pm:

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    package MyApp::Deep::Runnable::Module;

    # use MyApp::Util; # This may fail because @INC can be wrong in many ways.

    # So, use this to modify @INC.
    use File::AddInc;

    # Then perl can find MyApp/Util.pm correctly.
    use MyApp::Util;


Suppose you have a module like above and want to make it runnable and symlink it from your ~/bin (Yes, I'm sane;-). In the module, you want to use some other module (MyApp/Util.pm) in the same library tree. File::AddInc will locate your lib directory and modify @INC for you.


File::AddInc is a @INC tuner for Modulino.

It does similar task of FindBin + lib, but for Modules (*.pm) instead of standalone scripts (*.pl).

Conceptually, this module locates root of lib directory through following steps.

  1. Inspect __FILE__ (using caller()).

  2. Resolve symbolic links.

  3. Trim __PACKAGE__ part from it.

Then adds it to @INC.



Trims $PACKNAME portion from $FILEPATH. When arguments are omitted, results from caller() is used.

  my $libdir = File::AddInc->libdir('MyApp::Foobar', "/somewhere/lib/MyApp/Foobar.pm");
  # $libdir == "/somewhere/lib"

  my $libdir = File::AddInc->libdir(caller);

  my $libdir = File::AddInc->libdir;

Note for MOP4Import users

This module does *NOT* rely on MOP4Import::Declare but designed to work well with it. Actually, this module provides declare_file_inc method. So, you can inherit 'File::AddInc' to reuse this pragma.

  package MyExporter;
  use MOP4Import::Declare -as_base, [parent => 'File::AddInc'];

Then you can use -file_inc pragma like following:

  use MyExporter -file_inc;


Since this module compares __FILE__ with __PACKAGE__ in case sensitive manner, it may not work well with modules which relies case insensitive filesystems.


FindBin, lib, rlib, blib


Copyright (C) Kobayasi, Hiroaki.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Kobayasi, Hiroaki <buribullet@gmail.com>