Ronan Waide
and 1 contributors


Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland - Interface to Bank of Ireland online banking


 use Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland;

 # config
 my $conf = { user => '', pin => '', contact => '', dob => '' };

 # get balance from all accounts
 my @accounts = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->check_balance( $conf );

 # get account transaction details
 my @details = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->account_details( $acct );

 # list beneficiaries for an account
 my $bene = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->list_beneficiaries( $acct );

 # transfer money to a beneficiary
 my $tx = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->funds_transfer( $from, $to, $amt );


Module to interact with BoI's 365 Online service.


Note that all functions are set up to act as methods (i.e. they all need to be invoked using F:B:I:B->method()). All functions also take an optional configuration hash as a final parameter.

  • $self->check_balance()

    Fetch all account balances from the account summary page. Returns an array of Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland::Account objects.

  • $self->account_details( account [,config] )

     Return transaction details from the specified account
  • $self->list_beneficiaries( account )

     List beneficiaries of C<account>
  • $self->funds_transfer( from, to, amount [,config] )

     Transfer C<amount> from C<from> to C<to>, optionally using C<config> as the config data.
  • $self->_set_creds_fields( $config )

      Parse the last received page for credentials entry fields, and populate them with the data from C<$config>. Also injects the missing 'form:continue' hidden field.
  • $scrubbed = $self->_scrub_page( $content )

     Scrub the supplied content for PII.