export_orders - Exports all orders to a CSV file from the Command Line


export_orders [options]

   buy -username=getMoney -password=*** -output=Robinhood.csv

   -username        your Robinhood username
   -password        your Robinhood password
   -token           your Robinhood access token
   -output          filename to store the csv data in
   -all             include cancelled orders

   -help            brief help message
   -man             full documentation

    * required arguments



Your Robinhood username.


Your Robinhood password.


Robinhood provides access tokens for authorization which is great because you don't need to keep providing your username or password on the command line!

You can get it by passing a false -token arg along with your -username and -password:

    $ buy -username=secret -password=supersecret -token=0 -symbol=MSFT -quantity=200

And on subsequent runs, just provide the -token:

    $ buy -token=a9c321... -symbol=RHT -quantity=50

Where would you like to store the CSV data? Without a filename, this prints to STDOUT


Dumps a lot of random debugging stuff to the terminal including private keys.

Be very careful where you use this!


Include cancelled orders with the filled. This is probably not very usefull.


Print a brief help message and exits.


Prints the manual page and exits.


export_orders will gather data on your entire account history and convert it to a CSV file.