This example demonstrates how to request an exemption for policy violations of a keyword. Note that the example uses an exemptible policy-violating keyword by default. If you use a keyword that contains non-exemptible policy violations, they will not be sent for exemption request and you will still fail to create a keyword. If you specify a keyword that doesn't violate any policies, this example will just add the keyword as usual, similar to what the example does.

Note that once you've requested policy exemption for a keyword, when you send a request for adding it again, the request will pass like when you add a non-violating keyword.

SYNOPSIS [options]

    -help                       Show the help message.
    -customer_id                The Google Ads customer ID.
    -ad_group_id                The ad group ID.
    -keyword                    [optional] The keyword to be added to the ad group.