This example shows how to add a hotel listing group tree, which has two levels. The first level is partitioned by the hotel class. The second level is partitioned by the country region.

Each level is composed of two types of nodes: `UNIT` and `SUBDIVISION`. `UNIT` nodes serve as a leaf node in a tree and can have bid amount set. `SUBDIVISION` nodes serve as an internal node where a subtree will be built. The `SUBDIVISION` node can't have bid amount set. See for more information.

Note: Only one listing group tree can be added. Attempting to add another listing group tree to an ad group that already has one will fail.

SYNOPSIS [options]

    -help                           Show the help message.
    -customer_id                    The Google Ads customer ID.
    -ad_group_id                    The hotel ad group ID.
    -percent_cpc_bid_micro_amount   [optional] The percent CPC bid micro amount