NAME - graph CPAN tarball dependencies

SYNOPSIS -os=linux -pkg=Class-DBI >class-dbi.png


This program takes Activestate's package list (download it from, which is in XML format, and uses it to determine dependencies between packages. It then hands over those dependencies to GraphViz. The resulting graph is output in PNG format on STDOUT.

Note that this means that dependencies of modules within the tarballs can't be determined this way, only dependencies between the tarballs themselves. For these purposes, there will be programs to graph dependencies between installed modules and the runtime @ISA hierarchy.


This section describes the supported command line options. Minimum matching is supported.


Mandatory option to specify which package to graph the dependency for. This can be either the name of the module (e.g. Class::DBI) or the name of the tarball sans version number (e.g. Class-DBI). In any case, the graph will display tarball names as the node labels, since that's what's contained in the XML file.


Which Operating System to graph the dependency for. At the moment, ActiveState defines "linux", "solaris" and "MSWin32". If not given, this option defaults to "linux".


Print a brief help message and exit.


Print the manual page and exit.


Print information messages as we go along.


Some. Possibly. I haven't fully tested it. Also, a performance problem. The package XML file is over a meg, and performance suffers. At the moment, this is of no concern, but I might switch over to PerlSAX later. I'm using XPath at the moment since I'm familiar with it.


Marcel Grünauer <>


Copyright 2000 Marcel Grünauer. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.