HTML::FromMail::Format - base-class for message formatters


   is a Mail::Reporter

 HTML::FromMail::Format is extended by


 my $fmt  = HTML::FromMail::Format::Magic->new(...);

 my $make = HTML::FromMail->new
  ( templates => ...
  , formatter => 'Magic'
 #, formatter => 'HTML::FromMail::Format::Magic'
 #, formatter => $fmt


The formatter is implementing the template system: it formats the output. This base class defines the methods which must be provided by any extension.

At the moment, the following template systems are available:

  • HTML::FromMail::Format::OODoc

    Based on OODoc::Template, a simplified version of Template::Magic. It has all the basic needs of a template system, but may get slow for large template files.

  • HTML::FromMail::Format::Magic

    Based on Template::Magic, created by Domizio Demichelis. You will have to install Bundle::MagicTemplate before you can use this formatter. The default system is compatible with the previous formatter, so you can easily upgrade.

    The formatter has nice simplifications for the user, especially when a lot own data must be included in the templates: so data with or without relation to messages which is not provided by this distribution (yet).



Produces the text encapsulated between begin and end tag of this template block. If the tag is "stand alone", not a container, the value of undef is returned. When the container is "empty", an (optionally empty) string with white-spaces is returned.

$obj->lookup(TAG, ARGS)

Lookup the value for a certain TAG. This TAG may, but also may not, be derived from the template. The value is lookup is the data produced by the various producer methods, implemented in HTML::FromMail::Page extensions. The values are administered by the various formatters, because there meaning (and for instance their scoping) is formatter dependent. Values which are looked-up are often not simple strings.


Returns whether the parser has more data in this particular part of the template.

$obj->processText(TEXT, ARGS)

New TEXT is supplied, which can be seen as part of the currently active container.


This module is part of HTML-FromMail distribution version 0.12, built on January 29, 2018. Website:


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