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Author image Michael Accardo


perlinfo - a command-line frontend to HTML::Perlinfo


See HTML::Perlinfo for one.


    perlinfo -i
    perlinfo [-help] [-version] [-all] [-i|-c|-g|-m|-e] <FileName> ...


All options (except for help and version) use the perlinfo function to produce a complete HTML page in the current working directory. The following table shows the flags corresponding perlinfo option and the name under which the file is saved.

  flag | perlinfo option | file name

  -i   | INFO_ALL        | perlinfo.html
  -c   | INFO_CONFIG     | perlconfig.html
  -g   | INFO_GENERAL    | perlversion.html
  -m   | INFO_MODULES    | perlmodules.html
  -e   | INFO_VARIABLES  | variables.html 

You can specify your own file name, including the absolute path name, after the flag.


Saves you all the pages at once.


help! help! help!


perlinfo and HTML::Perlinfo versions


   perlinfo -i

   'Saved file perlinfo.html'

   perlinfo -i /home/paco/www/perl-info.html

   'Saved file /home/paco/www/perl-info.html' 


Copyright (c) 2009 by Mike Accardo

This program is distributed under the same terms as perl itself. See http://perl.org/ or http://cpan.org/ for more info on that.