Terrence Brannon
and 1 contributors


 spkg - Create Perl packages for HTML files for HTML::Seamstress manipulation


 spkg [options] html_file


  • base_pkg_root $base_pkg_root (optional)

    The directory to add to @INC so that base_pkg is found

  • base_append $base_append (optional)

    a string which will be appended to $base_pkg to form the argument to use base qw( )

    This is advanced stuff.

  • base_pkg $base_pkg (required)

    The base package containing a method comp_root which returns the absolute path to the HTML file to be processed.


Template and HTML::Mason both create objects which they configure with an INCLUDE_PATH or comp_root, respectively. Seamstress leverages Perl's standard include mechanism to find HTML files. As such, a base_pkg with a method that will allow runtime requires of such packages is needed.