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Since you're using 'id' attributes to rewrite elements, you can't put a single value in multiple places

I would recommend using a class attribute or custom attribute. I often use klass myself.

It looks like you are using id and class tags to find and rewrite parts of HTML

Well, we can use id and class tags to find and rewrite parts of HTML. But in fact, we can do anything the HTML::Element look_down method can do to find elements.


What the freak is guts()? highlander()? passover?

They are tree processing methods. Seamstress is an open-ended API for OO tree processing. Here are good places to search for methods:

What does HTML::Seamstress inherit from?

It inherits from HTML::TreeBuilder and HTML::Element and it uses HTML::Element::Library. It probably should use HTML::Element::Replacer as well!

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