Author image Ron Savage
and 1 contributors

NAME - Use Image::Magick::Tiler to convert an image into NxM tiles

SYNOPSIS [options]

        -input_file anImageFileName
        -geometry aString
        -output_dir aDirName
        -output_type anOutputImageType
        -verbose anInteger
        -write aBoolean

Exit value: 0 for success, 1 for failure. Die upon error.


o help

Print help and exit.

o input_file anImageFileName

The name of the file to be chopped up.

This option is mandatory.

o geometry aString

The shape of the tiles to output.

Must be of the form '4x5+6-7', meaning 4 tiles across and 5 tiles down, with the given offsets - 6, -7 - in pixels. See docs for details.

Default: '2x2+0+0'.

o output_dir aDirName

The name of the directory into which the tiles are written.

They will have names based on matrix co-ords, such as 1-1.png, 1-2.png, 2-1.png and 2-2.png.

Default: '/tmp'.

No lower levels are used.

o output_type anOutputImageType

The image type to use when creating the tile files.

Default: 'png'.

o verbose anInteger

Specify how many progress messages to write to STDOUT.

It takes the values 0, 1 and 2.

If 0, nothing is written. If 1, various statistics are written. If 2, you gets stats plus a line about every tile written.

Default: 0.

o write aBoolean

Specify whether or not to write any tiles.

Default: 0.