img2term - Display images in your 256 color terminal (kinda)


img2term [options] [file...]

   --help|-h            brief help message
   --scale|-s           scale image by the given ratio
   --x_scale|-x         scale image to x 'pixels' wide
   --no_scale|-n        do not scale the image at all
   --utf8|-u            use utf8 half-blocks for pixels

Image data can be piped to STDIN in place of providing a file.

Images larger than the current terminal in columns will be automatically scaled to fit unless specified.



Prints a brief help message and exits.


Scales the provided image by the provided decimal ratio before printing. Superscedes --x_scale.


Scales the provided image width to match the provided integer in 'pixels'. Scales the image height proportionally. Superscedes --no_scale.


Disables automatic scaling of the provided image data.


Uses utf8 'half-block' characters to effectlivy double the resolution in the terminal. May not display properly and depends on the font used.


img2term is a part of the Image::Term256Color distribution and acts as a thin wrapper around the module to display image data on 256 color terminals.


Display a classy octocat:

    curl | img2term | less -R