nyan - Your very own animated terminal Nyancat!


nyan [options]

   --help|-h            brief help message
   --scale|-s           scale image by the given ratio
   --x_scale|-x         scale image to x 'pixels' wide
   --no_scale|-n        do not scale the image at all
   --loop_times|-l      number of times to loop the animation
   --run_seconds|-r     number of seconds to run the animation
   --utf8|-u            use utf8 half-blocks for pixels

If Nyancat is larger than the current terminal in columns, it will be automatically scaled to fit unless specified.

If no options are specified, Nyancat will loop forever.



Prints a brief help message and exits.


Scales Nyancat by the provided decimal ratio before printing. Superscedes --x_scale.


Scales Nyancat width to match the provided integer in 'pixels'. Scales the image height proportionally. Superscedes --no_scale.


Disables automatic scaling of Nyancat.


Number of times to loop the Nyancat animation.


Number of seconds to run the Nyancat animation. Note: This isn't exact.


Uses utf8 'half-block' characters to effectlivy double the resolution in the terminal. May not display properly and depends on the font used.


nyan a part of the Image::Term256Color distribution and includes Nyancat animation frames within the script for enjoyment on 256 color terminals.


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