NAME - sample for drawing transformed text


  perl [options] fontfile output text

  Run without arguments for option details.


This is a sample for drawing transformed text.

It's complicated by the need to create an image to put the text into, if you have text, a font, and a good idea where it belongs, it's simple to create the transformation matrix:

  use Imager::Matrix2d;
  # or call another method for shearing, etc
  my $matrix = Imager::Matrix2d->rotate(radians=>$some_angle);

Feed the transformation matrix to the font:


then draw the text as normal:

                 x => $where_x,
                 y => $where_y,
                 font => $font,
                 size => $size);

But if you do need the bounds, the code above does show you how to do it.



Returns a list of bounds:

  (minx, miny, maxx, maxy)

These are offsets from the text's starting point in font co-ordinates - so positive y is up.

Note: this returns the bounds of the transformed bounding box, in most cases the actual text will not be touching these boundaries.


Tony Cook <>




Imager(1), Imager::Cookbook, Imager::Matrix2d