This method of getting links has its advantages and disadvantages compared to getting them from files. The points of comparison are given below.


We can never be sure whether we have really finished. With files, we just follow the directory structure. With WWW pages, the index of a directory may not match its contents. There may be hidden resources, that are never referenced from inside. Even so, outside can know about them so we may need to maintain them.


Apart from the fact that this goes through the WWW server to find it's files, and probably does this in a very random order, there is also a need to use, within the program, an index of all of the links examined so far. This can use alot of disk-space.

follows real server space

The files seen from the outside are really in the locations that they are seen from the outside in.. Looking at files can be deceptive because the WWW server can be configured in almost anyway, and even two files in a particular directory don't have to occur in anything like the same location from outside. In fact they could even be served by different servers from different IP addresses.