suggest - suggest alternatives to a link


suggest first-link-name suggestion....


This program records alternatives to a link in a database. It is designed to be able to run SUID and record these suggestions in a central database where anyone can access them.

It accepts no command line options beyond the first link name and the suggestions.

No attempt is made to guard against suggestions which are useless or which point to sites which might upset the user. Possibly we should log what suggestions are made.

This program trusts the database who's filename is built into it.


verify-link-control(1); extract-links(1); build-schedule link-report(1); fix-link(1); link-report.cgi(1); fix-link.cgi suggest(1); link-report.cgi(1); configure-link-control

The LinkController manual in the distribution in HTML, info, or postscript formats, included in the distribution. - the LinkController homepage.