copy-list - copy a list of links from one database to another


copy-list link-database-filename listfile ....


This program simply copies over a list of links from the old version of the database to the new. It moves the old version to a file of the same name, but with .bak appended.

This program can be used to clean up the database by only keeping links which are currently in use. This may not always be advisable though because a page may be curently deleted but be going to be re-instated which will mean all of it's links would need to return to the database in which case all of the links in that page will have to be checked again from the beginning which will take a long time.


verify-link-control(1); extract-links(1); build-schedule link-report(1); fix-link(1); link-report.cgi(1); fix-link.cgi suggest(1); link-report.cgi(1); configure-link-control

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