link-report.cgi - provide an interface for querying the database of links


This system provides a (deliberately simple) way to query the database of links and see what is available. It is designed to be called as a cgi script and as such should be run from an http server. It will output all of the requested information as an HTML document preceded by HTTP headers.

This program is normally run from a hardwired script created by configure-link-cgi. These scripts set the various configuration variables described below.


There are two options for configuring this program. Since the program is designed to be run as a CGI, instead of accepting command line options, it normally expects to be run with configuration variables already defined. A suitable script which does this can be generated with configure-link-cgi.

The programs configuration comes from the file in the directory where it is run. If you want it to use a different configuration file you should take a copy of the program and change this in the source. Usage is arranged like this because it seems more secure.


The following parameters can be passed from the cgi form


If the value evaluates true in perl (isn't 0 or the empty string) the report will report on links within the infostructure. Otherwise the report will be against the full database.


If the value evaluates true in perl (isn't 0 or the empty string) the report will actually be a series of forms which can be used for repairing the infostructure via the fix-link.cgi cgi-bin.


The value will be taken as a space separated list of urls which can be examined.


The program should say something like no links found when it is generating zero output.


verify-link-control(1); extract-links(1); build-schedule link-report(1); fix-link(1); link-report.cgi(1); fix-link.cgi suggest(1); link-report.cgi(1); configure-link-control

The LinkController manual in the distribution in HTML, info, or postscript formats, included in the distribution. - the LinkController homepage.