Steve Price
and 1 contributors


dvbt-epg - Get EPG


dvbt-epg [options]


       -debug level         set debug level
       -verbose level       set verbosity level
       -help                brief help message
       -man                 full documentation
       -a <num>             Use adapter <num>



Print a brief help message and exits.


Prints the manual page and exits.


Set verbosity level. Higher values show more information.


Set debug level. Higher levels show more debugging information (only really of any interest to developers!)


Specify which adapter number to use


Script that uses the perl Linux::DVB::DVBT package to provide DVB-T adapter functions.

Gathers the electronic program guide information being broadcast and prints the information.

For full details of the DVBT functions, please see:

   perldoc Linux::DVB::DVBT

NOTE: This script will take approx. 30 minutes to gather the full program guide, please be patient!