Olivier Thauvin


mdvsys - Tools to import and extract rpms from a svn


    mdvsys [options] <action> ...


The <action> specified on the command-line can be one of:

create pkgname

Create a package directory on the subversion repository.

import rpmfile1 [[rpmfile2] ...]

Import one or more src.rpm directly into the subversion repository.

getsrpm pkgname

Extract a source package from the subversion repository into the current directory. The package name is prefixed by @<rev>: where <rev> is the current subversion revision unless the no-youri option in used. The prefixed source package have a valid name to be uploaded by youri.

checkout pkgname [dir]
co pkgname [dir]

Checkout the "current" version of a package for the subversion repository. A directory with the same name than the package is created in dir. This new repository contains a SPECS directory with the spec file, and a SOURCES directory with the source files and patches of the package.

commit [dir]
ci [dir]

Perform the same action than svn commit, but check that the sources listed in the specfile are in sync with the svn contents.

Currently you have to use the -m option to set the svn log message.

sync [dir]

Search the sources and patches used in the spec file, and perform the commands needed to add the new ones in the repository, and remove the ones no more used from the repository.

The changes are not commited.

build [pkgname]

Build a package. If a package name is given on the command line, the latest version from the subversion repository is built. If no package name is provided, the package of the current directory is built.

stripcl [specfile]

Remove the changelog of the specfile and commit it into the svn.

If the --no-commit option is set, the commit part is not done.

info <pkgname>

Give information about pkgname from svn.

log <pkgname>

Generate %changelog about pkgname from svn.

submit <pkgname>

Submit packages to be built from svn.

If no package name is given, mdvsys will try to deduce it from the current working copy, if applicable, for the command log, submit, info and getsrpm.

Options can be one of:


Increase verbosity level.


Be completly silent

-c <configfile>

Use this configuration file instead /etc/repsys.conf.


Commit into the svn will not be done.

This options has effect for import action.

-r <revision>

Work on a specific revision.

-m <message>

Set this message for commiting


Get the standard srpms file, without the '@rev:' prefix.


Olivier Thauvin <nanardon@mandriva.org>