acat - Dump an abuse report stored with


    acat [-h] [-a] [-r] [-H header] [-R delimiter] [-i] [-d] [-m method] [-M method] [-s seconds]


acat ("abuse cat") dumps to its standard output the data stored in a Mail::Abuse::Report object that was stored with Mail::Abuse::Processor::Store in the serialized modes.

This is useful to build external scripts or to simply peruse the database of reports that is created by the Mail::Abuse system.

The format of the dump is controlled by the command line flags, as follows:


Causes this documentation to be produced.

-s seconds

Consider for processing only those incidents that have a date within the last -s seconds. Defaults to 0, which causes all the incidents are to be processed.


This option causes all the information fields to be dumped.

-H header

Dump the named headers from the original report. Multiple headers may be specified by separating them with a comma.


Dump all the incidents parsed from the original report.

-m method

Output a give value from the incidents in an abuse report, given its accessor method. Indirections are possible by using a dot instead of the arrow operator. The key 'key' from the hashref stored under accessor 'baz' would be referred to as baz.key. The 5th element from an arrayref stored under accessor 'bar' would be referenced as bar.4.

Deeper nesting is possible by simply following the given syntax. Multiple keys can be dumped by separating them with ':'.


Dump the original abuse report, as was received. This is the default.

-R delimiter

Just as -r, but output the given delimiter after the original report. This is useful to work with Mail::Abuse::Reader::Stdin to re-feed reports to abuso.


Dump the complete object using Data::Dumper.


Jun, 2003

Begin working in the first version of the code, as a replacement of a more rudimentary proof of concept.


This code and all accompanying software comes with NO WARRANTY. You use it at your own risk.

This code and all accompanying software can be used freely under the same terms as Perl itself.


Luis E. Muñoz <>


perl(1), Mail::Abuse.

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