maps-gather - Gather evidence associated to a MAPS complaint


    maps-gather [-h] [-v] [-r relay] -s report-email


This script is used to request the evidence that MAPS keeps associated with a listing of an open relay, spam source, etc. The evidence is formatted so as to keep the original complaint and all the evidence in a single message and then it is forwarded to the designated contact address.

Normally, abuso would let the MAPS compalints in the directory where empty reports are sent. You could then use maps-gather to re-feed a more documented report to your abuso engine.

Do not abuse this script

In general, it is not polite to send large numbers of queries to a host, as this might be interpreted as an attack. Use this scipt judiciously and avoid long and repeated queries.

Note that / has a limit on the number of queries allowed per hour. If you need to scan an address block using this tool, you should probably use a delay of a few minutes between queries, using the -d option.

The following options are recognized:


Outputs this documentation.


Be verbose about progress.

-r relay

The relay server to use in order to send the email message with the complaint and the evidence. Defaults to 'mail'.

-s report-email

Specify the RFC-822 address that the email is going to be sent to.

The complaint should be fed through STDIN, as the output of acat would.


Jan, 2004

First version of this code.


This code and all accompanying software comes with NO WARRANTY. You use it at your own risk.

This code and all accompanying software can be used freely under the same terms as Perl itself.


Luis E. Muñoz <>


perl(1), acat(1), LWP::RobotUA(3)

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