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build_dist.pl accepts the name of a target folder as an argument. It then opens that folder and rummages through all the mail files in it, looking for "Reply-to:" headers (or "From:" headers, where there is no "Reply-to:"). It then appends a message into the folder containing all of the addresses in thus found as a list of recipients. This message can be used to conveniently drag and drop names into an address book, distribution list, or e-mail message, using the GUI client of choice.

The email appended to the folder specified in the -f option will have the subject "buid_dist.pl folder Output".


b<build_dist.pl> -h

b<build_dist.pl> -s servername -u username -p password -f folder [ -d ]

-f The folder name to process.
-s The servername of the IMAP server
-u The user to log in as
-p The password for the user specified in the -u option
-d Tells the IMAP client to turn on debugging info
-h Prints out this document

NOTE: You can supply defaults for the above options by updating the script.


David J. Kernen

The Kernen Group, Inc.



This example and Mail::IMAPClient are Copyright (c) 2003 by The Kernen Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

This example is distributed with Mail::IMAPClient and subject to the same licensing requirements as Mail::IMAPClient.

imtest is a utility distributed with Cyrus IMAP server, Copyright (c) 1994-2000 Carnegie Mellon University. All rights reserved.