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apache-spamd -- start spamd with Apache as backend


  apache-spamd --pidfile ... [ OPTIONS ]

OPTIONS: --httpd_path=path path to httpd, eg. /usr/sbin/httpd.prefork --httpd_opt=opt option for httpd (can occur multiple times) --httpd_directive=line directive for httpd (can occur multiple times) -k CMD passed to httpd (see httpd(1) for values) --apxs=path path to apxs, eg /usr/sbin/apxs --httpd_conf=path just write a config file for Apache and exit

See spamd(1) for other options.

If some modules are not in @INC, invoke this way: perl -I/path/to/modules apache-spamd.pl \ --httpd_directive "PerlSwitches -I/path/to/modules"

Note: pass the -H / --helper-home-dir option; there is no reasonable default.


Starts spamd with Apache as a backend. Apache is configured according to command line options, compatible to spamd where possible and makes sense.

If this script doesn't work for you, complain.


 * misc MPMs
 * testing on different platforms and configurations
 * fix FIXME's
 * review XXX's
 * --create-prefs (?), --help, --virtual-config-dir
 * current directory (home_dir_for_helpers?)