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Revision history for Mediawiki-Blame

0.0.3 2009-11-30

Maintainance release, no features changed.

Clarify licence according to http://www.perlfoundation.org/cpan_licensing_guidelines.
Disable Internet based live tests for now – the software does work, just have to implement the tests in a more reliable way.
Remove Perl::Version, use plain strings instead.
Update Module::Install; alas this removes support for Build.PL, change build instruction accordingly.
Podify some plain text files; Pod fixes.
Add some more stuff "TO DO" in Mediawiki::Blame.

0.0.2 2007-08-01

Made LWPx::ParanoidAgent an optional feature.
Amended diagnostics in the docs.

0.0.1 2007-07-29

Initial release.