megadistro - build a list of perl modules into a binary package


megadistro [ OPTION ]... [ -t type ]


megadistro [-q] [-dxv] [-t type]

megadistro [--quiet] [--debug --trace --verbose] [--disttype=TYPE]

megadistro [-q] [-dxv] [-t type] [--clean] [--build-only]


The megadistro packaging system is used to read-in a list of perl modules, fetch them from CPAN, build them, and then package the successfully built modules into a binary package of the type specified by the user.

The current system can be run with various options, though, if disttype is not explicitly specified, and build-only mode is not specified, you will be prompted to select a package type. build-only mode implies that no package will be built, however, the system will, instead, generate a current snapshot of the build-tree, in the form of a tarball. Therefore, the -t TYPE or --disttype= TYPE option should always be explicitly specified.

NOTE: The megadistro system is still under development, and therefore, is still experimental.



Note: By default, the system will adequately limit its output.

-h, --help

display help for command-line options

-v, --verbose

verbose output (not recommended)

-d, --debug

debugging output (only useful for development purposes)

-q, --quiet

only display progress status (obsolete)

-x, --trace

traces through the programs execution (only useful for development purposes)


completely removes everything from your BUILDDIR (use with caution)


forces an install of all modules, even if they fail their tests (do not use unless you know what you're doing!)


skips the packaging phase, and instead generates a snapshot of your build-tree (tarball), instead of package


-t TYPE, --disttype=TYPE

specify the type of binary package to create; valid options are: rpm and deb


the module list file


the directory in which modules will be downloaded to


the directory in which downloaded modules will be extracted to


the directory in which the successfully built modules will be placed


Run system and build a rpm package:

megadistro -t rpm

Run system and build a deb package:

megadistro -t deb

Run system and build a tarball snapshot:

megadistro --build-only

Note: If no package type is specified, you will be prompted to select one.


For bugs, please file a bugreport at For more pressing needs or comments/suggestions please mail, with any pertinent information to


David Buchman (


For all their guidence, and patience throught the whole initial development process, special thanks goes out to:

Ask Bjørn Hansen, Michael G. Schwern, Curtis Ovid Poe, The Perl Foundation.

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