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Module::Dependency::Changes - List of significant changes to Module::Dependency

Changes in Module::Dependency 1.86 (svn rev 6643), 12th July 2006

    No longer use umask(0) before creating dir for data file.
    Move db file store function from Indexer.pm to Info.pm
    Use $ENV{PERL_PMD_DB} to override location of data file.

Changes in Module::Dependency 1.85 (svn rev 6642), 12th July 2006

    Fixed blank lines in output.
    Fixed parent to mean what item depends_on
        and child to mean what item is depended_on_by
    Added sorting of final top-level output order with -sort
    Added -Unique option (global version of -unique)
    Added -All option to dump everything using Data::Dumper
    Added != and !~ support to object selector patterns
    Non-scripts always have a / in the key and filename
        (./ is prepended if there's no / already)
    Improved duplicate file/package warning.
    The -h option doesn't remove indent, use -i='' for that.

Changes in Module::Dependency 1.84 (svn rev 6633), 11th July 2006

    Replaced pmd_dumper.plx with much more flexible pmd_dump.pl
    Unresolved dependencies now get entries in allobjects,
        with their reverse dependencies listed so they can be queried.
    Because of that the grapher html output changed but the tests
        haven't yet been updated so they're skipped.
    All entries have a 'key' field matching the key of the allobjects hash.

Changes in Module::Dependency 1.83 (svn rev 6569), 27th June 2006

    Fixed VERSION numbers.
    Simplified README docs, INSTALL and added my name to LICENCE.

Changes in Module::Dependency 1.82 (svn rev 6568), 27th June 2006

    Stored data changes:
    - 'filename' is now a relative file path, not absolute.
    - the "key" name for scripts is now the relative file path not basename.
    - new 'filerootdir' holds absolute prefix of filename.
    - 'scripts' now holds relative file paths

    Ignore ~ and .bak files.
    Don't decend into ignored directories (.svn, .cpan etc)
    Attempt to recognise .t test files.
    Improve robustness of parsing.
    Give more, and more useful, warning messages.
    More compact output for pmd_dumper -a

Changes in Module::Dependency 1.81, 30th May 2006

First release under new maintainer Tim Bunce.

    Fixed parsing of multi-line use statements.
    Fixed parsing of unusual =cut statements.
    Fixed tests to not depend on hash order.

    Renamed scripts to have a pmd_ prefix.
    Moved examples into new examples/ subdirectory.
    Moced pmd_cgidepend.plx and pmd_cgiform.html into examples.
    Unified script and module parsing code.

Changes prior to version 1.81

Date: 2002/09/25 23:09:31

Fixed minor typoes and niggling things that should have been corrected in the distribution - thanks to Mike Castle & Ron Savage

Indexer.pm converts paths to absolute paths before running File::Find, giving the correct, expected, behaviour when you try to index relative folders

Added support for the 'base' pragma.

Added the 'relationship' method (and hence the -r option to dumper.plx) which tells you how two items are related.

Improved POD-skipping algorithm - i.e. it now has one.

There should be no platform-specific code left, and in theory this will run on any OS.

Added a little POD-only module called Module::Dependency.

We 'use' as little as possible and 'require' the rest.

The indexer can optionally (and does, by default) look at a file's #! line to see if it's a perl program. .pl, .plx and .pm files are always indexed.

Added accessor routine for the 'check_shebang' switch.

cgidepend.plx, the CGI program, slightly tweaked to be even more mod_perl friendly.

Some code and ideas kindly contributed by S Rezic, S Heffner and C Sampson, among others.