mount-mogilefs - FUSE client for MogileFS


mount-mogilefs [ options ] /mnt/point


mount-mogilefs will mount the specified MogileFS filesystem at the specified location on your local filesystem.

The following options are supported:

--tracker host:port

This option specifies a MogileFS tracker to connect to.

This option can be specified multiple times to support redundant trackers.

--domain domain

This option specifies the MogileFS domain to mount locally.

--class name

This option specifies the MogileFS replication class to store new files using.


This option tells mount-mogilefs to launch as a daemon in the background.

--mountopt option

This option is used to pass mount options to FUSE. A commonly used mount option is allow_other.

Multiple mount options can be specified by using this option multiple times.


This option will mount the MogileFS filesystem as read-only.

Read-only is disabled by default.


This option will enable threads in MogileFS::Client::Fuse.

Threads are enabled by default, see --no-threaded for disabling threads.


This option will disable threads in MogileFS::Client::Fuse.


This option makes mount-mogilefs verbose.

Specifying this options multiple times increases the verbosity of mount-mogilefs.

--log file

This option redirects STDOUT and STDERR to the specified file.


Daniel Frett


Copyright 2011-2012 - Campus Crusade for Christ International

This is free software, licensed under:

  The (three-clause) BSD License