Paul Winkeler

NAME - Monitor NetBackup Drive Status

SYNOPSIS -n <people-who-care> -i <check-interval> &


The tape drives in a NetBackup installation are prone to going DOWN for various and sundry reasons. This script does not attempt to diagnose this situation but rather its goal is to inform a set of people of such events.

By running as a daemon the script can compare the status of each drive over time and only sent its alerts out when a transition of interest occurs.

Since a NetBackup environment can consist of many Media Managers, not all of which are active and since each Media Manager may well have drives defined which are not active, will only report on so-called "known" drives. The "known" attribute is assigned to drives which are:

  • stand-alone drives referenced by a StorageUnit definition

  • robotic drives housed in a robot referenced by a StorageUnit definition


Winkeler, Paul


Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Winkeler