Paul Winkeler

NAME - Display host backup history

SYNOPSIS [options...] <hostname>


Using a variety of NetBackup command line tools, pulls together a complete history of all images currently in the NetBackup catalog pertaining to the referenced host. By default this listing will show only the most recent run of each policy/schedule combination. The -a option will cause all images to get listed.



List all occurrences of each policy/schedule combination rather than just the first one.


For the purposes of determining policy/schedule combinations, the default is to key off each schedule's type. This option will use schedule names instead.


In the image listing, include the backupid of each image. This is useful if you are constructing a restore command line.


For each image the individual fragments are listed out. Note that in environments where storage units limit images to small fragment sizes this output can be quite voluminous. However, this option is a convenient way to get at the list of tapes used by each image.


Recursively list out all the files backed up as part of this image.

-l depth

By default file recursion depth is set to 1. This means that path list entries that explictly start at a depth already greater than 1, will not show at all! Setting the depth to large values will result in very long listings.

-c pattern

The pattern will be applied to each policy name and only the matching policies will be displayed. Note that the (arbitrary) image counter still counts each and every image.



Winkeler, Paul


Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Winkeler