Paul Winkeler

NAME - Return empty volumes back to scratch pool

SYNOPSIS [-n] [-f <config.xml>]


Although NetBackup will move volumes from the scratch pool (vmpool -listscratch) to whatever pool it deems necessary, once the images on these volumes expire the volumes are not automatically returned to the scratch pool. addresses this need by locating all unassigned volumes NOT in the scratch pool, matching them up against a set of rules gleaned from a configuration file and returning back to the scratch pool.



Don't actually return the volumes to the scratch pool, just list which ones are eligible to be returned.

-f config.xml

The default configuration file is /usr/local/etc/robot-conf.xml but this option allows you to override this with a selection of your own.


As alluded to above, the return of volumes to the scratch pool is controlled via a configuration file, the default being /usr/local/etc/robot-conf.xml. This is an XML file and in particular, concerns itself with the the element called <itchy/> Here is an example of such an element:

    <pool name="NetBackup">
      <density code="11"/>
      <density code="14"/>
    <pool name="MAXpool">
      <density code="11"/>
      <density code="14"/>
    <pool name="SAP_Production">
      <density code="14"/>

Each <pool/> element sets the rules volumes in that pool have to obey in order to be returned to the scratch pool. In the above example, only SAP_Production volumes of density "14" (i.e. hcart2) will be scratched whereas dlt volumes are left alone.



Winkeler, Paul


Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Winkeler