Vikas Naresh Kumar




nlpservice [options]

nlpservice is a barebones NLP::Service application. Takes in command line arguments for configuration.


--help, -h, -?

Prints this help message.

--man, -m

Opens the man page.

--verbose, -v

Turns on verbose logging. By default logging is to the console unless in daemon mode. Then logging is to a file.

--environment, -e

Takes a string that is used as the name of the environment, and also becomes the name of the logfile. Default value is 'development'.

--log2file, -l

Logs to a file instead of the console. Creates a logs/ directory in the working directory of the application, with the environment name being set by the --environment option or 'development'.

--working-dir, -w

Changes the working directory of the application. Default is the directory from where the application has been launched.

--port, -p

Sets the port on which the application will listen on. Default is 3000.

--daemon, -d

Runs the application in daemon mode. This stops logging to the console, and logs to a file if not specified.

--server, -s

The IP interface to bind to. Default is, which binds to all interfaces.

--behind-proxy, -P

The application adjusts the headers accordingly for proxying redirects, and assumes you're behind a proxy here. Should not be used unless needed.


Copyright (C) 2011. Vikas Naresh Kumar <>

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

Started on 28th March 2011.