narada-install - migrate project to given version


This document describes narada-install version v2.3.8


    narada-install [--allow-downgrade|-D] [--allow-restore|-R] [-f <file>] <ver>
    narada-install [-f <file>] --path|-p <ver1> <ver2> <ver3> ...
    narada-install --check|-c <file>
    narada-install --help|-h


Should be executed in project deploy directory.

Upgrade/downgrade your project in safe way:

  • It use Narada's exclusive lock to make sure no other code will run while migrating project's files or databases (to make this works as expected you must use Narada's shared lock around all your code which read or write any project's files or databases).

  • Before every migration it will automatically create new backup .backup/full-<current_version>.tar.

  • If migration fail it will automatically restore previous version from backup.

  • Use App::migrate file format to describe project migrations, which let you downgrade fast and without losing any data whenever possible.

When called with option --check|-c will check syntax of given migrate file and exit.

It will try to load several migrate files, in this order:

  • file given using -f option (if any)

  • .release/<next_ver>.migrate where <next_ver> is last parameter (if this file exists)

  • .release/<prev_ver>.migrate where <prev_ver> is current project version if called without --path option and file VERSION exists or first parameter after --path option (if this file exists)

Then it will try to find migration path from current version to given and execute it (or just execute given migration path if called with --path option).




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