narada-new-1 - creates a skeleton project based on Narada framework v1.x


This document describes narada-new-1 version v2.3.8


    narada-new-1 [/path/to/project]


WARNING: This script shouldn't be used for new projects, use narada-new instead. This script provided only for testing compatibility with Narada v1.x projects.

This script help you create skeleton project directory for using Narada framework.

Target directory shouldn't exists or must be empty.

If target directory doesn't exists - it will be created (parent directory must exists).

If executed without param will create skeleton project in current directory, which must be empty.

Target directory become "project root directory", and all other `narada-*` scripts must be executed in this directory.


File config/version will be initialized with value "PROJECTNAME-0.0.000", where PROJECTNAME is target directory name.

Will create var/patch/PROJECTNAME-0.0.000.tar with backup of current project. This backup should be used when installing this project elsewhere:

    unpack backup in empty project root
    (if needed) unpack backup in var/patch/.prev/
    put all updates into var/patch/
    run narada-patch
    setup config/* as needed for this installation


narada-new-1: mkdir: %s

Target directory wasn't exists and mkdir failed (probably parent directory doesn't exist or have wrong permissions).

narada-new-1: not a directory: %s

Script's param point to existing file.

narada-new-1: opendir: %s

Target directory exists, but can't be read (probably have wrong permissions).

narada-new-1: directory not empty: %s

Target directory exists, but not empty.

narada-new-1: unpack failed

Script failed to unpack skeleton directory. Most likely reason - target directory doesn't writable. While unpacking it use `tar`, so maybe there some issue with it. Or this script was damaged (reinstall recommended).

narada-new-1: unable to detect project name

Failed to setup 'config/version' file using project directory name as default project name. Probably some issue with `pwd` command or unusual symbols in project directory name (\n for example).

narada-new-1: closedir: %s
narada-new-1: chdir: %s

Internal error.


narada-new-1 requires no configuration files or environment variables.


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Source Code

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    git clone



Alex Efros <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2008- by Alex Efros <>.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The MIT (X11) License