tcc - Terminal CyanChat Client


  tcc [--server --host --port --monochrome]


This is a demonstration script for a CyanChat client program. It runs at the command line using only ASCII characters and ANSI color codes (no toolkits like Curses are necessary).

It clears the screen on each refresh which might cause some flickering in certain terminal emulators. It has its problems but the point is it's just some code to demonstrate how to use Net::CyanChat as a client module.


  Win32::Console::ANSI (optional)

Win32::Console::ANSI is only necessary when running this script under MS Windows, but is optional. If the module can't be loaded, the script defaults to monochrome mode (which isn't nearly as pretty).


From tcc --help:

  --server <hostname>[:port]
  -s <hostname>[:port]
    Define the hostname and port of the CyanChat server to connect to.
    Given only a hostname, port defaults to 1812. The default hostname
    is "".
    Ex: --server

  --host <hostname>
  -h <hostname>
    Define the hostname of the CyanChat server to connect to.
    The default is "".
    Ex: --host

  --port <port>
  -p <port>
    Define the port that the CyanChat server is listening on. The default
    is to use port 1812.
    Ex: --port 1812

    Use this flag to disable the ANSI color codes. Not all terminal emulators
    support ANSI colors. If your terminal has trouble displaying the program
    normally, use the --monochrome option.

    Show this document.


Noah Petherbridge -- Same guy who wrote Net::CyanChat.


Released under the same terms as Net::CyanChat.