axfr - Perform a DNS zone transfer


axfr [ -fqs ] [ -D directory ] [ @nameserver ] zone


axfr performs a DNS zone transfer, prints each record to the standard output, and stores the zone to a file. If the zone has already been stored in a file, axfr will read the file instead of performing a zone transfer.

Zones will be stored in a directory hierarchy. For example, the zone transfer for will be stored in the file $HOME/.dns-zones/com/bar/foo/axfr. The directory can be changed with the -D option.

This programs requires that the Storable module be installed.



Force a zone transfer, even if the zone has already been stored in a file.


Be quiet -- don't print the records from the zone.


Perform a zone transfer if the SOA serial number on the nameserver is different than the serial number in the zone file.

-D directory

Store zone files under directory instead of the default directory (see "FILES").


Query nameserver instead of the default nameserver.



Default directory for storing zone files.


Michael Fuhr <>


perl(1), check_soa, check_zone, mresolv, mx, perldig, Net::DNS, Storable