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dopplr - a simple Dopplr client


First off you'll need to get a session token. See below for details.

After that all invocations of dopplr should be of the form

    dopplr session_token=<session token> [method] [opt[s]]

or if there is a .dopplr file in your home directory that looks like

    session_token=<session token>

Then that will be used instead.

Assuming you're using the .dopplr then after that simply call dopplr


to get a list of all your future trips. Alternatively supply a method name and then the options, as described on the Dopplr wiki here

Some examples

    dopplr trips_info
    dopplr trip_info trip_id=<trip_id>

    dopplr fellows

    dopplr location_on_date date=2008-04-22

    dopplr search q=london,england
    dopplr city_search q=london,england


You need to get a token by visiting this url

and then grabbing the token from the url it redirects to. Yes, that's icky.

Ten put that as


in a .dopplr file in your home directory or call

    dopplr token=<token>

And this will give you a session token. You should stick that in the .dopplr file as

    session_token=<session token>

or all subsequent invocations of dopplr should be of the form

    dopplr session_token=<session token> [method] [opt[s]]


Dopplr is an online service for intelligent business travellers.

Dopplr lets you share your future travel plans privately with friends and colleagues. The service then highlights coincidence, for example, telling you that three people you know will be in Paris when you will be there too. You can use Dopplr on your personal computer and mobile phone. It links with online calendars and social networks.


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Copyright 2008, Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


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