Gianni Ceccarelli


replay-trace -- read a trace directory and re-send the messages in it


  replay-trace -d /tmp/trace-dir


--tracedir, -d

The directory to read messages from. It should have been populated by Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TracerRole, via Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceStomp or Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceOnly.

--host, --port, -H, -P

Hostname and port of the STOMP server to send messages to.

--divisor, -t

Factor to divide time intervals by. By default, the program will sleep between messages by the same amount of time they were separated by when they were dumped. If you say -t 2 it will sleep half that time; if you say -t 0.5 it will sleep twice as long.

--pretend, -p

Don't really send messages, just print a line to STDOUT.

--verbose, -v

Print progress to STDOUT.

--help, -h

Print this help.