uddihd - simple test-harness for the UDDI::HalfDecent library


uddihd [ -s ] [ -b ] [ -t ] [ -o key=value ... ] [ -q qualifier ... ] endpoint-url query-string


uddihd exercises the UDDI:HalfDecent library by running a find_business search against a specified UDDI endpoint and emitting the names and descriptions of the resulting records. The URL of the endpoint and the query string must both be specified on the command-line.

The library's running is influenced by the environment variables described in its documentation. For example, setting UDDI_LOG=request,response will cause both request and response XML documents to be dumped to standard error.



Search for, and display, services that pertain to the businesses found by the initial query.


Search for, and display, bindings of the services that pertain to the businesses found by the initial query. Implies -s.


Find tModels rather than businesses in the initial search. This is a bit of a hack, and tends to make -s and -b rather meaningless.

-o key=value

Sets the option key to the specified value in the UDDI object before submitting the find_business request. Options are described in the library documentation. For example, using -o uddi-version=2 forces the use of UDDI version 2.

-q qualifier

Adds the specified <qualifier> to the search - for example, approximateMatch, caseInsensitiveMatch. Different servers support different qualifiers.


The UDDI::HalfDecent module, which this program exercises.

The Net::Z3950::UDDI package which contains that module and this program, since UDDI::HalfDecent was created for use by the Z39.50-to-UDDI gateway.

z2uudi, the Z39.50-to-UDDI program, which makes much better use of the UDDI library than this program does.


As for Net::Z3950::UDDI.