z2uddi - Z39.50-to-UDDI gateway server


z2uddi configFile [ YAZ-options ... ]


z2uddi provides a gateway between Z39.50 (and the related protocols SRU and SRW) and UDDI, thereby forming a bridge between the two previously rather separate universes inhabited by library-oriented IR protocols and Web Services.

It runs as a server, accepting and handling Z39.50, SRU and SRW connections, and fulfilling requests made using those protocols by reference to UDDI servers as specified in the configuration file. Details of how the server runs may be specified using standard YAZ command-line options -- such as -f yazgfs.xml to nominate a configuration of the YAZ GFS. This is used to provide information including the mapping from CQL indexes to Z39.50 Type-1 use attributes, which is required for SRU and SRW to work in a useful way.


The Net::Z3950::UDDI module, which does all the hard work.

The standard YAZ command-line options are described in the YAZ manual's Application Invocation section at:

The YAZ GFS configuration file is described in the YAZ manual's GFS Configuration and Virtual Hosts section at:


As for Net::Z3950::UDDI.