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Martin Schwartz


Herbert - converts Excel files

- ALPHA release -

Converts simple MS Excel documents to HTML.



herbert expenses.xls --noinfo


 Herbert V1.38 (1998/03/23) - ALPHA - converts Excel-Sheets to HTML
 usage: Herbert {--option [arg]} file(s)
    --colorframe s  Outer frame will get color #s (9999bf)
    --colorsheet s  Worksheet will get color #s (dfdfdf)
    --dest_base  s  Store output files based at this directory.
    --dirmode    s  New directories get access mode s (0700)
    --filemode   s  New files get access mode s (0600)
    --from_stdin    Take input from stdin.
    --herbert       Very short info about Herbert Baum.
    --log           Write a logfile.
    --nocellcolor   Cell text gets no special color.
    --nocolor       No colors will be used.
    --noframe       Spreadsheet will not get an outer frame.
    --nogrid        Spreadsheet will have no grid.
    --noinfo        Do not include info about original document.
    --nopack        Empty leading lines will be displayed.
    --overwrite     Overwrite existing files.
    --recurse       Operate recursively on directories.
    --relative      Store files relatively to destdir when in recurse mode.
    --src_base   s  Regard this as start directory in relative mode.
    --suffix     s  Output files shall get suffix s (.html)
    --to_stdout     Write output to stdout.
    --usefonts      Use the font faces defined in excel book


OLE::Storage, Startup



Math doesn't work for processors, that doesn't use the number format used by Intel.


Cell formats are not resolved yet. This means especially, that days and currencies are not represented correctly.


No graphics, no embedded objects.


Some functions are missing, even some mathematical functions.


Lots more is missing.


This program is dedicated to Herbert Baum and the anti Nazi group with him. Most of the group was killed 1942 after attacking a propaganda exhibition. 1984 students tried to name the main building of TU Berlin after him.

If german language is ok for you, just have a look at:



Martin Schwartz <schwartz@cs.tu-berlin.de>.