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Sharing PDL data between Perl threads

See the documentation for PDL::Parallel::threads for more about the module. This readme covers installation.


Before we go any further, be aware that this will not install unless your perl was built with thread support. To check if your perl was compiled with thread support, type the following at your command prompt:

 perl -V:useithreads

If the output is define, you have thread support. If it is undef, you do not have thread support. If it is UNKNOWN, you mis-typed useithreads. Check your spelling. :-)


You can install the currently available version of this distribution using your favorite CPAN client. For example:

 cpan PDL::Parallel::threads
 cpanm PDL::Parallel::threads

The easiest way to install the development version is to use cpanm to install the tarball:

 cpanm https://github.com/run4flat/PDL-Parallel-threads/tarball/master

You'll need to have App::cpanminus in order to use cpanm. If you don't have that, or if you want to compile the code by hand, you can download the distribution using git or by directly downloading the zip archive at


or the tar.gz tarball at


Unpack and navigate a command-line shell to the root directory. Then issue the following commands:

  # Windows          Unixen (including modern Macs)
  perl Build.PL      perl Build.PL
  Build              ./Build
  Build test         ./Bulld test
  Build install      ./Build install
                          -- or --
                     sudo ./Build install


There are no known bugs for thist distribution. If you find any, feel free to file bug reports on the github issue tracker:



This module was written by David Mertens dcmertens.perl@gmail.com.